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Exchange your drawing for a Unicoin and support the right for every child to access early development and education.

Exchange your drawing

Why your support can make a difference

Today, evidence shows that the early years of a child’s life are critical to our ability to learn. It is set even before school starts, as early as between the ages of 3-5. Still, more than 200 million children around the world are left behind without access to education, unable to reach their full learning potential.

When you contribute with a drawing of your future dreams, and exchange it for a Unicoin, H&M; Conscious Foundation matches the Unicoin with one notebook and pencil, given to another child by UNICEF. Together, we can shed light on the importance of early development and education, helping more children fulfil their dreams.

We’re Out of Unicoins!

With your help, 20 000 notebooks and pencils are now sent to children worldwide. But even though the exchange period is over, you and your child can still help spread the word about Early Childhood Development: Tag your drawings with the hashtag #Unicoin or explore the gallery below. Together we can shed light on the right for every child to access learning opportunities from an early age.

Here’s your Unicoin!

Pull your coin into the coin slot and H&M; Conscious Foundation matches the Unicoin with one notebook and pencil distributed to a child by UNICEF.

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Enabling children to fulfil their dreams

The Unicoin campaign stems from a partnership between H&M; Conscious Foundation and UNICEF, initiated in 2014. The Global Program for Education will enable 73 600 children to benefit from Early Childhood Development programs and influence governments to place Early Childhood Development on the national agenda and to commit budgetary resources to address these issues.

Few donors or governments prioritize funding Early Childhood Development, which is why the H&M; Conscious Foundation wants to contribute to filling that gap by supporting UNICEF. The program will receive a total of USD 9.3 million over a three year period. Bitcoin traders can also contribute to the mission using bitcoins. If you are not earning enough profits from bitcoin trading, make use of a crypto robot. Take the bitcoin prime test 2022 to know its efficacy and it improves your profits so that you can contribute decently towards such goodwill missions.

Learn about what we do:

This is Early Childhood Development

Learning begins at birth. Singing songs. Painting pictures. Building with colorful bricks – these activities that sound like pure fun are the building blocks of lifelong learning. Within the global program, UNICEF is providing communities with the tools they need to equip their children for the future. Read more

It can be anything that enriches the child’s environment from activity books to nutritious food, support to families, care and health services, protecting young children from conflict and violence, peer-led child-to-child learning initiatives, community-based programs and formal preschools. Photography: © UNICEF/PFPG2014-1241/Park Close

What we aim to achieve

By 2017 the Partnership between H&M; Conscious Foundation and UNICEF will amount to: Read more

  • 73,600 vulnerable children will benefit from Early Childhood Development programs.
  • 3 governments will have included Early Childhood Development, in their National Development Agendas, and made sure these are supported by national budgetary resources.
  • The first-ever Global Report on Early Childhood Development will be released. The report will be highlighting key early development indicators and help shift global perceptions of the importance of Early Childhood Development. Photography: UNICEFBANA2014-01674Mawa Close

A story from our program

In the village of Sadia, located in Mali, “star moms” are trained to open development centers reaching thousands of young children. The moms act as the village’s volunteer educators, making sure that the youngest children get a good start in life. Read more

The 213 volunteers serve a great purpose in their village as they are able to quickly spot malnourished children while helping other women in the community balance household chores and schooling. UNICEF also distributes various supplies including children’s chairs, round tables, and activity books on literacy and science to help create a good learning environment.

The existence of the village centres facilitates the transition of children to primary school later in life. UNICEF supports the education of women, through financial support from H&M; Conscious Foundation, in the areas of child protection, health, nutrition, and development. Photography: © UNICEFHTIA2011-00364Dormino Close

More about the Unicoin Campaign

Unicoin is the first currency fueled by children’s imagination, dedicated to do good. The only way to get hold of a Unicoin is to exchange a drawing, together with a child. And the only way to spend it is on educational supplies.

The Unicoin campaign is part of the Global Program for Education – a partnership between H&M; Conscious Foundation and UNICEF, initiated in 2014. The program will receive a total of USD 9.3 million over a three year period.

With your engagement in the campaign we can highlight the need for care and education early in life and the right of all children to learn and develop to their full potential. H&M; Conscious Foundation will also match each exchanged Unicoin with one notebook and pencil, provided to a child by UNICEF*.

* H&M; Conscious Foundation will match a total of 20 000 Unicoins with notebooks and pencils. When this limit is reached, we encourage you to continue spreading awareness on the issues of Early Childhood Development by uploading your drawings on social media and hashtag them #unicoin. UNICEF will focus on the countries and the children that need it the most at the moment. Beginning of next year we will be able to present where money has been spent on notebooks and pencils within the UNICEF Inpired gifts program.
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